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Health and Safety

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As a company whose employees work in many different environments, such as offices, shipyards, onboard ships, and construction sites, health and safety is a top priority at Evac. Most of our sites are ISO 45001-certified for managing occupational health and safety.

Our key performance indicator (KPI) for health and safety is the Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) rate. In 2021, our LTIF for our own personnel was 9.5. Our target for 2022 is to achieve a level of less than 3. The target is included in the targets of Evac’s Group Leadership Team. In 2021, no severe safety incidents were recorded, while eight incidents resulting in absence were reported.

We have introduced new safety training and tools to improve occupational safety and increased preventative measures such as reporting of all incidents and conducting safety walks at our sites. We will continue to build a plan to improve our safety culture and implement it as part of our leadership development initiatives.

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