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Evac Sustainability Report

Evac Sustainability Report 2023 available

Explore Evac and our solutions for a sustainable future on land and sea

Evac Sustainability Report 2023

Our company

Over the decades, Evac has established itself as a prominent advocate for sustainability. We specialize in water and waste treatment, vessel protection, and biofouling management solutions in the maritime industry. Our vacuum solutions address the growing demand for real estate flexibility, increasing water scarcity, and hygiene requirements in the land-based customer segments.

Our approach

We are committed to supporting customers in achieving their sustainability targets and surpassing regulatory requirements.  Leveraging decades of expertise, sustainable technologies, and an extensive installed base, we ensure a significant impact that exceeds the scale of our company.
Together with our customers and partners, we can make a difference.

Sustainable solutions

At Evac, we aim to contribute to a future with no waste by offering sustainable solutions that advance the circular economy, safeguard life below water and minimize our customers’ carbon footprint. In 2023, we continued to advocate for adopting the best available technologies in waste and wastewater treatment, vacuum collection, hull protection, and freshwater generation.

Responsible operations

Evac’s sustainability approach is founded on responsible business practices.
By focusing on our people, ensuring their health and safety, driving climate action,
upholding ethics and compliance, and fostering responsible sourcing, we aim
to create a positive impact on the environment and society. Our progress in
2023 reflects our commitment to these areas.

Navigating towards a sustainable future

At Evac, sustainability is an engine driving our business forward. With an extensive array of solutions to enhance our customers’ sustainable practices, we empower them to meet societal expectations and go beyond regulatory requirements. Our offerings address a spectrum of global megatrends, including climate change, circular economy principles, water scarcity, and the preservation of marine biodiversity.

In the maritime industry, Evac is committed to steering its customers towards using sustainable technologies that fuel the circular economy, respond to climate change and safeguard precious marine ecosystems.

In land-based customer segments, Evac’s vacuum technology presents vast opportunities. It boosts significant water-saving capabilities and offers unparalleled real estate flexibility compared to conventional technologies.

Evac’s approach to sustainability is strategically aligned with the key material topics and an ambitious goal to strive for a future with no waste. Guided by our sustainability program and pledge to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we channel our efforts across Evac.

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