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ReferencesQuark Expeditions cruise ship – Reference case

Quark Expeditions cruise ship

Quark Expeditions is the leading operator of polar exploration cruises. The new technologically-advanced vessel, Ultramarine, is designed to carry up to 200 passengers and built by Brodosplit in Croatia. The vessel is launched in 2021.

Starting point

As Quark Expeditions vessels sail in some of the most fragile environmental areas, Quark Expeditions are focusing very much on green values and committed to being one of the most environmentally friendly operators, targeting to minimize the environmental footprint. With the sustainable solutions provided by Evac, water and waste management onboard can be handled without any effect on the environment.

“We are confident that the Evac Group will be a perfect partner for us in the execution of the vessel,” said Tatjana Mlinaric, Senior Contracts Manager at DIV Group, the Brodosplit mother company. “We are very satisfied with the service provided so far and look forward to delivering a vessel with state-of-the-art waste, water and ballast water management systems”, she added.

Over the last 5 years during the development stage of the vessel, Evac has worked closely with LMG, one of Norway’s leading naval architects who designed the new cruise ship.

We have had excellent co-operation with Evac during the design phase enabling the project to move smoothly and ensuring that ship has the most advanced and cost-effective equipment package.

Torbjorn Bringedal, managing director of LMG


Evac solutions that can be found on the ship is Optima 5 vacuum toilets that are connected to two online vacuum generation units. The vacuum collection systems are creating significant water savings in usage throughout the life of the vessel. Onboard black and grey water requirements will be covered by an Evac EcoScreen pre-treatment plant and an Evac MBR membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant. The MBR is certified to meet the most stringent standards of effluent water, nutrient and phosphorous removal. Grease separators for treating galley grey water will also be installed.

Evac is also supplying a fully integrated system for processing dry and wet waste from the ship’s galley. The new vessel is equipped with a food waste collection tank and several macerator units as well as a heavy duty food waste shredder connected to a centralized vacuum waste system. Solutions for recycling and reducing the waste volumes onboard the vessel include a bailer for cardboard, a glass crusher and dry waste shredder.

The contract also involves providing a Cathelco® marine growth prevention system for the cruise ship which will eliminate blockages in seawater cooling lines caused by the growth of barnacles and mussels. Installations involve fitting copper and aluminium anodes in the seachests which are connected to a control panel. The copper ions are carried through the pipework system and prevent larvae from settling or growing, whilst the aluminium ions create an anti-corrosive layer on the inside of pipes.


The supplied Evac Total Concept consisting of a fully integrated solution of water and waste management systems supports highly Quark Expeditions targets in minimizing the environmental footprint. The advanced water and waste management solution enable waste collection with minimal energy and water consumption. The Evac MBR wastewater treatment system offers excellent treatment results by filtering nutrients and up to 99% of microplastic particles. The effluent quality is so good that the treated water can be reused or further processed onboard the vessel.

Recyclable waste is handled in a way that is safe, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient, it is not only reducing the waste volumes but also advancing the circular economy.

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