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Lin Jiang: Evac provides equal opportunities for growth 

Evac provides equal opportunities for growth

Lin Jiang joined Evac Group in June 2021, and she is currently in charge of project management for Evac’s Nordic and Northern American customers. In the past years, Evac has given her opportunities for growth and advancement.

Lin Jiang, Evac’s Project Manager for the product projects, comes originally from China but is currently located in Espoo, Finland. She moved to Finland in 2010 and joined Evac in June 2021 as a Procurement Project Leader. Currently, she is in charge of project management for Nordic and Northern American customers. 

In her Procurement Project Leader role, Lin managed the procurement and purchasing process for the Asian system and Building product projects, overseeing the entire process from RFQs until the project was delivered. Additionally, she communicated daily and weekly with the suppliers and managed supplier relationships.

Today, her responsibilities have changed to managing the project post-sales phase, leading kick-off meetings with stakeholders, planning the material process required for the projects, and collaborating with procurement to ensure the successful delivery of the materials. The new challenges offered by the company have provided her with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“Throughout the years at Evac, I have felt empowered, trusted, and fully supported for being my authentic self. The trust placed in me to make independent decisions has been invaluable. Additionally, I´ve received unwavering encouragement and support while pursuing my MBA studies. The role transfers have provided opportunities for career advancement and professional growth,” Lin Jiang says. 

“Diversity and inclusion in work life mean a lot to me. In my eyes, it is all about equal opportunity: we all are granted equal chances for growth and advancement, and our efforts are recognized and rewarded, regardless of the demographic, cognitive and cultural diversities.”

Lin feels that Evac embodies a robust diversity and inclusion culture: “This nurturing environment has fostered a strong sense of belonging within me over the years and the years ahead. We are united to contribute to a shared mission – enabling a future with no waste.” 

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