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Superior HEM® products for superyachts

A single-source solution for superyachts

HEM® is Europe’s leading brand for an extensive range of reverse osmosis desalinators and freshwater treatment systems designed specifically for superyachts. HEM® solutions offer environmental advantages by helping our customers generate freshwater from seawater, reducing their dependency on naturally available freshwater sources.

Assembly of the HEM® products as well as the global service operations are run by a team of approximately 50 experts in Antibes, south of France. The services of Echo Marine located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, have been sold under the HEM® brand since October 2019. HEM® brand is owned by Evac Group.

On-board service HEM®

Spareparts HEM

Our comprehensive offering

With our comprehensive offering of water, waste- and wastewater management systems, as well as hull and pipework protection systems, we are able to offer every yacht owner a complete solution, tailormade to their specific needs.


See all our products for freshwater generation as well as heating, distribution, sterilization and softening of potable water.

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