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Research and Innovation

For over 40 years, Evac’s mission has been to modernize waste and wastewater management. Research and development (R&D) is a fundamental enabler of this mission. Evac is known for its high-quality products that help customers reduce their environmental footprint beyond regulatory requirements. Research and innovation play key roles in unleashing all the ingenuity existing in our company.

Understanding the needs of the future

As an expert in environmental protection, research activities play a crucial role for Evac. R&D is a prerequisite for offering solutions that drive sustainable development, now and in the future. In addition to supporting product development, the information received through research helps us understand, for example, what type of substances will need to be removed from purified water in the future. Or how legislation develops, or how we can keep improving circularity in everything we do.

Evac’s research is founded on proactive and continuous collaboration with partners both inside the industry and with academia. Constant co-creation and re-innovation are must-dos as both vessels and buildings now under construction will be in use for decades.

Evac is collaborating, for example, with the Royal Caribbean Group, the Turku Meyer shipyard, and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland to understand how it can best drive the industry towards a future with no waste.

Evac Research centers

Evac has a dedicated research center in Tuusula, Finland, and another one focusing on R&D for corrosion protection and freshwater generation in Chesterfield, UK.

In Tuusula, Evac’s research center with more than 1,000 square meters of space enables the testing of full-size process systems in our own facilities and ensures quality in various areas of technological development. Testing is essential for generating new information on Evac’s environmental solutions for existing and future ships and buildings to keep advancing the sustainability of our technologies.

Nothing to waste

In today’s world, the spotlight on maritime carbon emissions is growing, yet it’s crucial to also focus on enhancing waste management, especially onboard passenger ships.

Evac Sustainability Specialist Janica Toivari’s first-hand experiences onboard a variety of cruise ships provide valuable insights into maritime waste management. The field studies have proven the need for tailored solutions that account for the distinct challenges posed by shipboard operations and the importance of leveraging innovative technologies and best practices.

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