Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management at Evac

At Evac we strive for high quality of solutions and services we provide. We value innovation, reliability, sustainability and total cost of ownership. We want to build strong relationships with our suppliers in order to support our customers´ business. We have segmented our supplier base to strategic, preferred and approved suppliers and we have defined principles, requirements and ways of working with each segment including regular meeting practices with our most important suppliers. We are constantly monitoring our suppliers’ performance in several key areas and developing the collaboration with our suppliers.

Our supplier network

Most of our first tier suppliers are located in Europe and United States, few in Asia. We have categorized our suppliers to direct and indirect suppliers having multiple categories and sub-categories in both. Each main category has defined category strategy which is created and maintained in cross functional manner. We have solid supplier selection processes and practices and supplier relationship management process including practices for contract negotiations. Our target is to collaborate with best performing suppliers that share the mission, vision and values with us.

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Evac Supply Chain and Sourcing mission:

Plan and Manage Supply Network to Enable Cost Efficiency and On-Time deliveries to Meet Customer Satisfaction.

Apply to become a supplier

Evac is dedicated for innovative high quality products and superior customer satisfaction. Evac’s core value is to team up with the most efficient parties in the world to gain the best supply network in the industry. Flexible and cost competitive supply net work is a key factor of our sustainable strategy. Evac strives to create value to its customers by ensuring world class performance in sustainability and innovativeness. We believe that this can only be achieved by sharing common goals, and by building a strong business relationship with our suppliers.

Should you see an opportunity to have sustainable business with Evac, please check the Supplier Requirements below.

Apply to become a supplier for Evac by sending your information letter to 

Please include:

  • General information on your company with annual revenue, personnel and credit rating
  • Your offering of products and services
  • Ethical business conduct and compliance to legislation
  • Environmental management
  • Quality management
  • Health and safety management
  • Risk management
  • Security
  • Chemicals & hazardous materials
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Supplier Requirements

We want to become a competitive advantage and in order to fulfill that vision we certainly need strong contribution from our suppliers.