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Evac HydroTreat

Future proof your investment with circularity and achieve more space to expand your core business.

cleaner oceans. better business.

Where sustainability meets efficiency

HydroTreat’s operation is highlighted by its extreme energy efficiency and zero-emission process. Utilizing advanced heat exchangers allows for significant energy conservation, while the non-incineration approach eliminates harmful emissions to the sea and atmosphere, contributing to an over 80% decrease in CO₂ emissions. This aligns with MARPOL Annex IV and V regulations and substantially lowers the vessel’s environmental footprint.

The biochar produced is rich in carbon, serving as an effective medium for carbon capture and storage.

By converting biosludge and food waste into biochar, Evac® HydroTreat, together with Evac® MBR, prevents the entry of nutrients and plastics into the oceans, ensuring cleaner seas and protecting marine life.

Beyond the seas

Modular design for maximum impact

HydroTreat’s modular design is adaptable for passenger vessels of nearly any size, offering flexibility from small expedition vessels to the largest cruise ships. This scalability ensures the system can meet the diverse needs of maritime operations without operational limitations.

The system’s flexibility extends beyond maritime solutions, suitable also for land-based facilities dealing with organic waste streams. This broad applicability provides a scalable solution for sustainable waste management across various settings.

Watch the demo and see how the magic happens

What makes Evac different?

integrated portfolio

We have by far the largest waste and water management technology portfolio in the industry with 150 patents under our belt.

global operations

We have a presence on every marketable continent, represented in 70 countries, with offices in 14 of them worldwide.

world-class reputation

We work with a prestigious customer base, gaining diverse exposure to various end-markets, which ensures our growth and stability.

innovation and sustainability

Sustainability is how we measure our success, so we innovate with the future in mind to ensure that our customers stay one step ahead.

Customer voices

Georgios Vagiannis
Head of New Build
TUI Cruises

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