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the future of sanitation

Evac Vacuum Toilets

Save freshwater today, secure a sustainable tomorrow!

Evac Optima Family

Evac has been the leader in vacuum toilets since 1979. Our products have become essential in ship design and are now transforming sanitation both on land and at sea. From mountain lodges to voyaging vessels, our toilets help save water, enhance hygiene, offer unparalleled design flexibility and architectural freedom, and blend modern aesthetics with functional luxury.

Optima® 3

Experience exceptional water conservation with the Optima 3, saving up to 90% of freshwater compared to gravity systems. This compact and lightweight vacuum toilet combines durability with easy maintenance, championing eco-friendly living.

Its innovative design prevents backflow and aerosolization, ensuring a hygienic bathroom environment. Available in wall and floor models, Optima 3 offers a reliable and economical sanitation solution.

Optima® 5S

Discover the tranquility of the Optima 5S, one of our quietest models yet! Renowned for its near-silent operation, this toilet ensures a peaceful bathroom setting without compromising on performance.

Equipped with advanced antimicrobial technology on all contact surfaces, the Optima 5S guarantees a germ-free environment for your peace of mind. Its elegant design features a hidden mounting, redefining standards in both aesthetics and functionality.

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What makes Evac® different?

integrated portfolio

We have by far the largest waste and water management technology portfolio in the industry with 150 patents under our belt.

global operations

We have a presence on every marketable continent, represented in 70 countries, with offices in 14 of them worldwide.

world-class reputation

We work with a prestigious customer base, gaining diverse exposure to various end-markets, which ensures our growth and stability.

innovation and sustainability

Sustainability is how we measure our success, so we innovate with the future in mind to ensure that our customers stay one step ahead.

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