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sustainable waste treatment

Evac HydroTreat: Onboard circular waste management

Evac HydroTreat leads the shift towards circular waste management. Upgrade to HydroTreat today to achieve full circularity, save space and energy, and meet your emissions targets.

Future-proof your investment with circularity and create more space for your core business


Contaminated organic waste occupies significant storage space, and offloading it incurs high costs. Conventional treatment methods rely on thermal dryers and incinerators that burn waste into CO2 which increases the vessel’s carbon footprint and contributes to atmospheric pollution.

You are managing multiple moving pieces outside your core business and you need a proven, one-stop solution partner capable of addressing all your waste management needs.


Evac Talk

Evac HydroTreat and the cruise wet waste management

Key takeaways

90% reduction in waste volume

HydroTreat enables onboard treatment, eliminating the need to store and offload waste.

80% decrease in CO2 emissions

With heat exchangers and no incineration, HydroTreat ensures minimal energy use and CO2 emissions.

Full circularity #FromSeaToSoil

The byproduct, biochar, is an effective carbon capture medium and can be upcycled as a soil amendment.

Protecting marine ecosystems

HydroTreat, together with Evac’s MBR, prevents nutrients and plastics from entering our seas.

What makes Evac® different?

integrated portfolio

We have by far the largest waste and water management technology portfolio in the industry with 150 patents under our belt.

global operations

We have a presence on every marketable continent, represented in 70 countries, with offices in 14 of them worldwide.

world-class reputation

We work with a prestigious customer base, gaining diverse exposure to various end-markets, which ensures our growth and stability.

innovation and sustainability

Sustainability is how we measure our success, so we innovate with the future in mind to ensure that our customers stay one step ahead.

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