Applications on cruise vessels

Evac has hundreds of applications on different types of cruise vessel, from small luxury cruise ships to the world’s largest liners.

Evac has hundreds of applications on different types of cruise vessel, from small luxury cruise ships to the world’s largest liners. Our systems are designed and constructed to be robust and reliable, while recognizing passenger comfort is of the utmost importance. Thanks to our wide system range and Evac Complete Cleantech Solution, you can purchase all your waste, wastewater, and water management systems from one supplier, simplifying manufacturing and integration processes, equipment use, and maintenance.

Our global service network covers over 40 countries in six continents.


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Product development

Bespoke solutions for changing needs

Our customers have very different needs, so we pride ourselves on our ability to take these needs into account right from a vessel’s construction phase. Our large offering and flexibility help us take varied requirements and changing operating areas into account.

Our systems meet the strictest environmental regulations of the International Maritime Organization, and can also be operated in Environmentally Sensitive Sea Areas (ESSAs) and Special Areas (SAs).

Superior options for all your waste and wastewater needs

We develop our solutions and portfolio constantly to keep them ahead of the competition. For example, our toilets are the most silent on the market, and we are the sole supplier of vacuum urinals.

Our large product range meets the versatile needs of our customers. As an example, our dry waste management solutions include both incinerators for burning waste onboard and different types of compactors and densifiers to reduce the storage volume of waste. A new trend is to have two optional dry waste management lines: one with an incinerator and one with a briquetting unit, packing either recyclable or non-recyclable waste into small briquettes that can be burned or taken to shore. Our different options help customers reduce waste volume in a way that meets their operational needs. For wastewater treatment, we have developed biological and electrolytic treatment solutions for all types of vessels.

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Evac Evolution 190m³/h system

Evac Evolution ballast water management system (BWMS)

The Evac Evolution ballast water management system operates effectively in marine, brackish and salt water and has been specified for a range of ships including luxury cruise ships.

Available with capacities from 34m3/h to 1,500m3/h in a single unit, it can be supplied skid mounted or in modular form simplifying retrofits where space is tight.

As an example, 190m³/h system have been supplied for two small cruise ships built to accommodate up to 298 people in luxurious suites. Chosen for their compact design and reliability, the units incorporate tank stripping systems to remove sediment from the ballast tanks.

Marine growth prevention systems

Cruise ships use very high volumes of seawater with flow rates often exceeding 15,000 cubic metres per hour. Our marine growth prevention system has the ability to treat these volumes effectively, whilst providing a number of other benefits. Systems are generally designed with multiple anode installations to protect high and low sea chests serving the engines and ancillary systems. These may include air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems and fire fighting pumps – all essential to the safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

Operating with copper concentrations of just 2 parts per billion, the system can be used to protect the inlets for desalination plants, coming well within the safe requirement of 1.5 parts per million.

As no chemicals are involved, the system is also environmentally friendly and helps to meet the ‘green’ standards of modern cruise vessels.

Reflecting the trend of longer intervals between drydocking for cruise ships, anode replacement can be timed at 5 years.

Marine growth prevention systems

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Evac Complete Cleantech Solution

Purchasing all your waste, wastewater, and water management systems from a single supplier brings many benefits for both the ship owners and shipyards.

Vacuum collection

Wastewater treatment

Ballast water management

Fresh water generation

Marine growth prevention

Dry and wet waste treatment

Corrosion protection

Our recommended solutions for cruise vessels


Vacuum collection

Vacuum generation units, vacuum toilets and toilet accessories, food waste collection systems and other vacuum accessories

Evac Optima 5

Advanced vacuum toilets

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Evac EcoVac

Vacuum tanks

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Evac OnlineMax R

Online double-stage vacuum generation unit

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Evac food waste management system

Collection and treatment

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Evac vacuum interfaces

Connect gravity-based appliances

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Evac vacuum accessories

For vacuum piping

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waste_water_rgbWastewater treatment

Advanced wastewater treatment plants (membrane bioreactors and moving bed bioreactors)

Evac EcoOcean moving bed bioreactor
Evac EcoOcean

Moving bed bioreactor biological wastewater treatment systems

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Evac MBR

Membrane bioreactor, biological wastewater treatment systems

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Evac wastewater pre-treatment

Removal of harmful solids and liquids

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wet_dry_rgbDry and wet waste treatment

Waste compaction equipment (compactors, glass crushers, tin can densifiers and briquetting unit), incinerator systems, dryers, bio sludge treatment units, food waste collection and treatment system

Evac dry waste recycling units

Compactors, glass crushers tin can densifiers and shredders

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Evac food waste management system

Collection and treatment

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Evac briquetting unit

Advanced waste handling

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Evac cyclone incinerator

Advanced waste handling

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fresh_water_rgb (Conflicted copy from EVAC002LW10 on 2016-07-15)Fresh water generation

Desalination systems using reverse osmosis (RO), and potable water treatment systems using mineralisation, disinfection etc..

Fresh water generation systems

Custom-made reverse osmosis plants

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Potable water treatment system

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systems_automation_rgbSystems automation

All Evac’s systems have touchscreen panels for easy control and a similar user interface that makes operation, supervision, and maintenance easy and quick to learn

System control
Systems automation
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