Two Harvey Gulf vessels supplied with Evac Evolution ballast water management systems

Evac Evolution ballast water management systems (BWMS) are to be installed on two platform supply vessels operated by Harvey Gulf International, the US marine transportation company that specialises in providing support vessels for deepwater operations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

The Harvey Spirit and Harvey Supplier (85.4m overall) will each be fitted with Evac Evolution systems with the capacity to treat ballast water at the rate of 250m3/hr.

“We have seen a steady rise in orders and enquiries since achieving U.S. Coast Guard Type Approval last year and there is every sign that this will continue as more operators approach their compliance deadlines”, said Adam Rogers, Evac’s Head of Global Sales for Ballast Water Management Systems

Effective in challenging water conditions

Based on a combination of filtration and UV technology, the Evac Evolution system has a ‘feedback loop’ which uses UV transmission as the parameter for precisely determining UV dosage. This ensures effectiveness in challenging water conditions, but saves on power during normal running.

Effective in fresh, brackish and seawater, the Evac Evolution system enables vessels to operate without restriction. The system is available with capacities from 34m3/hr to 1,500m3/hr in a single unit. It can be supplied in modular form for retrofits or skid mounted for newbuild applications.

The Evac Evolution system has been developed over a 10 year period by Cathelco, the UK manufacturers of marine equipment, who have been part of the Evac Group since 2018.

Record of reliability

In 2016, a Cathelco ballast water management system was installed on the Harvey Stone, a multi-purpose field support vessel, owned by Harvey Gulf International. This has operated successfully over the past four years and its record of reliability was an important factor in winning the contracts for the two latest vessels.

The Evac Evolution system has now been installed on a wide variety of vessels including cruise ships, container vessels, cargo ships, trawlers and polar research vessels. Its space saving features have also made it the choice for a number of superyachts.

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