AIDAcara cruise ship

Increased freshwater production for AIDAcara

AIDA Cruises commissioned Evac to conduct the retrofit of a modern freshwater generation system on AIDAcara, the first cruise ship of the AIDA fleet. AIDA Cruises replaced the vessel’s reverse osmosis freshwater generation system with a modern, custom-built Evac eC600 evaporator system, increasing its freshwater production capacity in the process.

The Evac system requires a smaller footprint and less energy than the previous system, while still producing more water at a better quality. Not only is the Evac plant more efficient and reliable, but its modular design meant that no time-consuming and costly modifications to the ship’s structures were needed, and the entire retrofit could be completed at sea rather than in dry dock.

Owner AIDA Cruises

Manufacturer Project conducted during normal operations at sea

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