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ReferencesTallink Megastar ferry – Reference case

Tallink Megastar ferry

The new generation LNG shuttle ferry Tallink Megastar, owned by AS Tallink Grupp was launched in 2017, and operates on the route between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. The vessel is built at Meyer Turku Yard in Finland and designed to carry 2800 passengers. The provided Evac Total Concept for Tallink Megastar is a complete solution of water, waste- and wastewater treatment system.

Starting point

Sustainability and the reduction of environmental footprint is highly on Tallink Grupp’s agenda. Already in the concept and design phase was the reduction of emissions, minimizing the amount of waste and increasing recycling utilization emphasized. The ship uses LNG as fuel and complies with the new, and even stricter emission regulations for the Emission Control Areas (ECA), including the Baltic Sea.


The provided Evac Total Concept is a complete solution of water, waste- and wastewater treatment system. The solution is including vacuum collection systems, vacuum units and vacuum toilets. Treatment of black and grey water is covered with grease separators and screening units, and Evac MBR membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant. The Dry and wet waste treatment systems are including food waste collection systems, compactors and waste chute systems. Onboard Megastar is also installed Evac fresh water generation systems including potable water treatment equipment.


The supplied water and waste management solution is supporting Tallink’s sustainability targets in reduction of the environmental footprint and energy efficiency. The Evac vacuum collection system enable waste collection with minimal energy and water consumption. The Evac MBR wastewater treatment system offers excellent treatment results by filtering nutrients and up to 99% of microplastic particles. The effluent quality is so good that the treated water can be reused or further processed onboard the vessel. With the installed waste management systems can recyclable waste be handled in a way that is safe, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient, it is not only reducing the waste volumes but also advancing the circular economy.

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