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What makes Evac MBR our Sustainability Spearhead product?

What makes Evac MBR our Sustainability Spearhead product?

The Evac Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), one of Evac’s Sustainability spearhead products, is an advanced wastewater treatment process that can treat all wastewater streams to current standards – and beyond.

Evac MBR allows vessels to operate in environmentally sensitive areas, treating and discharging all wastewater generated by passengers and crew without threat to human health or the marine environment. It is based on proven membrane bioreactor technology, which can filter out nutrients and even microplastic particles. MBR’s sustainability index was measured
based on four criteria:

Environmental impact and circular economy

  • The best possible treatment results, also in nutrient removal.
  • The technology is comparable with and even exceeds land-based solutions for wastewater treatment.
  • MBR is considered the best available technology for microplastic removal.

Onboard health and safety impact

  • High-level of automation decrease health and safety risks.
  • In the latest model, maintenance need has been minimized.

Production and end of life

  • Relatively easy to recycle after use despite the high technology level of the product.
  • Robust design enables the long lifecycle of the product.

Operational energy consumption

  • Low energy consumption per treated cubic meter of wastewater.
  • Minimal chemical consumption, no polymers in use

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