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NewsroomDriving maritime wastewater impacts to zero

Driving maritime wastewater impacts to zero

The awareness of the environmental impacts of human activities, both on land and sea is well known and the consequences, if no action is taken. The pressure of saving the world of oceans and preserving our scarce nature will include a future of tightened legislation and control. Actions to fulfill the requirements are vital to secure a future of sustainable shipping.

Alejandro Álvarez, Product Line Manager, Wastewater treatment systems, Evac

Conservation of our oceans, lakes and rivers are vital for a sustainable future for all of us. People and governments around the globe are nowadays more aware than ever of the environmental impacts of human activities, both on land and sea, the importance of preservation, and the horrible consequences of failing in that task. We all should acknowledge that in the maritime industry and consider the impacts of all kinds of vessels and ships on the marine environment.

We see a clear trend in our customers’ behavior: They consider more carefully the environmental impacts of products or solutions before buying them. Moreover, governments work on stricter regulations and controls to protect the environment and minimize emissions. At sea, nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen will be controlled in larger areas, more analysis and monitoring will be required, and emerging pollutants, compounds that have recently been identified as dangerous, will be in the spotlight. A good example of the last would be microplastics, that will be controlled more carefully in the future.

But the question is, are we all ready when the regulation so requires? If taking an example from the merchant segment, several studies show that today only one out of ten cargo vessels meet the current requirements for effluents. If that is the case, should we start preparing for the future already?

The development of sustainable solutions and work towards a future with no waste are crucial motivators for our business at Evac. Our wastewater treatment solutions are designed to comply with current standards and regulations and go beyond. Our wastewater systems minimize dry and organic waste and nutrient loads to the marine environment while also ensuring that untreated waste is not dumped at sea.

Evac MBR, our most advanced wastewater treatment system, can treat wastewater producing clean water, free of nutrients and microplastics, with a level of quality that can allow reuse. Furthermore, the by-product of MBR and any other biological system, the bio sludge, can be further treated and transformed into safe biochar with Evac Hydrotreat, reducing environmental impact even more. For merchant vessels, we offer a cost-competitive solution, Evac CSWE, that is fully capable to treat the effluents of the non-passenger vessels.

For over 40 years, Evac’s mission has been to modernize waste and wastewater management. Today, our goal is nothing less but to enable a future with no waste by focusing on circularity and life below water. Constant co-creation and innovation with our customers and partners give us valuable insight into needs and requirements, legislation development and how we can keep improving the circularity. Meanwhile, we also gain fundamental information for the development of new innovative technologies of sustainable water and waste management solutions onboard vessels.

In our offering, we have custom-made water and waste management solutions for all vessels, ranging from small yachts to large cruise ships, from offshore vessels to national navies. For customers looking for a complete solution for their water, waste, and wastewater management with the smallest environmental footprint, Evac Total Concept is a perfect option. It is designed and tailormade for each vessel type with a special emphasis on energy and material efficiency.

We invite you to join our journey to make the impossible – possible: Driving maritime waste and wastewater impacts to zero. Let’s work together to keep oceans full of life.

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