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Evac’s water and waste management concept helps achieve the goals of sustainable shipping

Evac’s water and waste management concept helps achieve the goals of sustainable shipping

Consumer interest in the environmental impacts of their choices, combined with tighter rules and regulations, has steered the maritime industry towards more sustainable solutions.

Mats Riska, Head of Process and Concept Development

The ambitious sustainability targets of shipping companies and their willingness to reduce the environmental footprint of their ships have also increased interest in the development of waste management systems. Instead of buying individual pieces of equipment, the focus has shifted to total solutions that reduce interfaces between equipment suppliers and optimize systems into larger entities. This development has made shipping companies turn to specialists in marine industry waste management. There is an apparent demand for such services in order to achieve the best environmental result.

The market leader in integrated environmental solutions, Evac has met its customers’ needs and developed a total solution that can be tailored for each type of vessel. Evac’s Total Concept optimises large-scale fresh water, wastewater and waste treatment systems individually while taking into account the overall impact. The systems of each vessel are planned according to its passenger capacity or size, taking both energy and material efficiency into account.

We have realized that the owners of large vessels in particular find it hard to assess which of the technologies available would be the ideal one for their vessel type. They may seek to solve this problem by updating single components or parts of the system, thereby dividing the responsibility for managing the entire system between several equipment suppliers.

Making use of integrated total solutions is a key factor for the industry’s future. The Evac solution does not focus on individual products or components but instead makes use of process automation, user interfaces and digital services. This ensures that the different parts of the system function together seamlessly, whether it is about producing freshwater, processing dry and wet waste, or cleaning wastewater. The solution improves energy efficiency and reduces the vessel’s overall environmental footprint.

Our customers benefit as we assume responsibility for integrating the various parts. This makes design and installation easier because the pieces of equipment are guaranteed to be compatible with each other. The solution also does away with risks on the interfaces of products and subsystems. This could be a problem if the products originated from different sources.

The customers receive a detailed process chart, with a calculation of the mass balance of each vessel type. This is a particularly valuable feature for designers and shipyards because it gives crucial information regarding vessel design. The information helps to ensure that there is enough room for the equipment, and users can be sure that the equipment is suitable for their purpose, and meets their requirements. And when maintenance is required, a single Evac maintenance engineer can maintain multiple sites, saving time and expenses.

Evac is also committed to supporting vessels’ maintenance needs and spare parts logistics throughout their life cycle. This operating practice supports our customers and helps them achieve their new, more sustainable business targets aided by Evac’s water and waste processing systems.

This text was published in Finnish Marine Industries´ blog series on sustainable development.

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