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Getting ready for Seatrade – and the future with no waste!

Getting ready for Seatrade – and the future with no waste!

Quark Expeditions, the leading operator of polar exploration cruises, can be assured that their new ship will have the least impact on the environment, as it will be installed with an Evac Complete Cleantech Solution that now includes a ballast water management system.

Robin Mérus, Strategic Account Director, Evac Oy

The cruise world continues to re-open after a challenging two years. More and more cruise vessels are coming back into service and next week we will meet at the Seatrade Cruise Global event in Miami. I’m very much looking forward to meeting face-to-face with customers, partners, and friends and seeing what the show provides this time, especially regarding innovations around sustainable development.

Passenger vessels face increasing regulation and stakeholder interest in non-fuel-related environmental issues, such as eutrophication and water pollution. In the past couple of years, we have seen a clear step-change in how our customers seek solutions that enable superior sustainability performance – beyond compliance with regulations.

The ambitious sustainability targets have increased our customers’ interest in developing water and waste management systems onboard. Evac has accepted the challenge and put even more emphasis on research, development, and innovation in this field. Our duty and opportunity at Evac are to deploy our technology insights, decades of experience, and R&D knowledge and work with our stakeholders to raise the industry’s sustainability performance to new heights – towards a future with no waste.

Turning waste into something valuable and keeping it out of our oceans is what we do at Evac. You might have already heard about our hallmark example, Evac HydroTreat®. We utilize hydrothermal carbonization technology to revolutionize organic waste treatment onboard vessels, from large cruise ships to small expedition ships. The first ship equipped with Evac HydroTreat® has been sailing since 2021.

From a sustainability perspective, the value of Evac HydroTreat® is undisputed. The process takes in food waste and biosludge and transforms it into valuable material only in a few hours. The energy-related CO2 emissions of this unique system are just a fraction compared to the conventional solutions in use.

As we continuously strive to improve the sustainability performance of our solutions, we consider it increasingly crucial to co-innovate sustainable solutions with our customers and partners. We are happy to continue the discussions next week at Seatrade Cruise Global. Let’s get in contact via LinkedIn; see you in Miami!

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