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Indu Ambat: I love to work in such an international company
Indu Ambat

I love to work in such an international company

Indu Ambat works as an R&D Process Specialist at Evac’s Research Center in Tuusula, Finland.

In my role at Evac’s Research Center, I support R&D and product development in designing sustainable products and processes from a scientific perspective. My main focus is on waste management and wastewater treatment-related technologies that we develop for our customers, especially in the maritime industry. 

I graduated with a Doctor of Science (Technology) in Green chemical technology from Lappeenranta–Lahti University of Technology, LUT. As a multidisciplinary research enthusiast in chemical and biotechnological applications, throughout my studies, my focus was mainly on circular economy and sustainable processes. 

I didn’t know personally that there was so much going on in this research field in maritime. Large-scale implementation of wastewater systems is in place and a lot has been done already, but there’s good potential for further research and innovations. I am a person who likes to learn and improve throughout my life. I’m involved in the networks, attending seminars, and meeting with other industry people as the cluster is really big in Finland. 

I am originally from Kerala, India. After moving to Finland in 2011, I started to learn skiing and skating and now my hobbies are playing with legos, drawing, painting, and going swimming (during summertime) with our 4-year-old son. 

For me, there are so many reasons to stay in Finland. Naturally, nature is fantastic and the peaceful environment in general. When visiting India, I feel it is too busy and crowded. This country gave me an opportunity to be myself and to grow both personally and professionally. I can speak Finnish rather well nowadays, but what I love about Evac is that we have such an international company and lots of colleagues from different countries working in Espoo.

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