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AboutCathelco® productsLifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty granted for Cathelco® products

Cathelco® products are world-leading solutions for corrosion protection. The systems reduce maintenance costs by preventing corrosion on the hulls of ships and offshore structures. Having supplied Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems worldwide for decades, we understand the need for quality and hassle-free performance.

Corrosion on a ship’s hull is a huge problem and will have an adverse effect on the ship’s performance and life if left untreated. Cathelco® ICCP system is the perfect solution that will not only offer the best possible protection but will also last the desired life. A well-designed and maintained ICCP system will have a design life of up to 10 years.

The first line of protection of a ship’s hull comes in the form of a paint coating which is used in conjunction with ICCP. Paint coatings are an excellent form of protection however do not provide the protection required to protect the ship’s hull over the life of the vessel. Due to flaws in the coating system and abrasion over time the coating will wear and expose the bare hull material which when left unprotected will freely corrode. This is where ICCP provides the optimum protection by impressing a current onto the hull to neutralise these concession cells and keep the hull cathodic and free from corrosion.

Once the ICCP is commissioned it will provide 24/7 data on the hull condition and automatically adjust to keep the hull corrosion free. As hull coating technology has improved over years the ICCP system may not need to deliver current in the early stages of operation as the paint coating and possibly sacrificial anodes are sufficient, however over time as these start to degrade ICCP will start to deliver more and more current over the vessels life to prevent corrosion.

A warranty period extended to a lifetime

Most ICCP systems are already outside of their warranty period when the warranty would be needed the most. We recognise this and have developed our products to have the confidence to extend our warranty terms to offer a lifetime warranty to support our customers not only through the early stages of operation but through the whole lifecycle of the vessel.

Please contact us for more information on our lifetime warranty promise and let us support you throughout your vessel’s lifecycle. You will find the contact details of our global service network on the Contact pages.

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