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Positioned for the future

With a strong foundation and future-proof technologies, we are ready to seize opportunities, ensuring sustained growth in the years to come

Global operations, local service

With almost 50 years of experience and expertise, the company has delivered over 25,000 systems to the world’s largest shipyards, ship owners, operators, and naval forces. The company services its customers throughout the system lifecycle, from consultation, design, and engineering to installation, commissioning, maintenance, spare parts, and retrofits.

The service business accounts for 65 % of the Group’s revenue. The company has a global service team that performs inspections, repairs, upgrades, and retrofits on any of its systems and provides training and technical support. The Group’s global operations and local service ensure fast and reliable delivery of spare parts and service to its customers – anytime. anywhere.

Steadily growing business on land

Evac’s reputation is commonly associated with its strong foothold in the maritime industry. However, the company has been catering to its land-based customers for over 40 years. Vacuum solutions enable designers to make bold, cost-effective architectural choices and simplify construction challenges.

Vacuum systems offer a significant sustainability advantage by drastically reducing water consumption. Evac’s vacuum toilets use only a fraction of the water compared to traditional gravity-based toilets. With the global emphasis on water conservation intensifying, there is a steadily growing interest in vacuum solutions.

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