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Evac MBR

Meet your zero emissions target and sail ahead of regulations.

ahead of the curve

Future proofing investments by innovating beyond regulations

Did you know? Evac MBR has been on the market for over 20 years. That means 20 years ago, Evac created and introduced a solution that was way ahead of its time, one that still stands strong today despite two decades of regulatory changes and market developments. Our commitment to innovate goes beyond merely meeting current regulations; we anticipate upcoming regulations to stay ahead of them, ensuring that we future-proof our customers’ investments for the foreseeable future and thus extend the lifespan of their vessels.

Evac MBR produces high-quality, stable effluent that surpasses current regulatory standards, ensuring compliance with IMO MEPC.227(64), which includes nutrient removal requirements for passenger ships in restricted areas such as the Baltic Sea and the Rhine River. Evac MBR can also be adapted to meet U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) regulations.

zero emissions. maximum impact.

Achieving zero emissions while enhancing vessel operational efficiency

Evac MBR significantly outperforms conventional wastewater treatment systems, achieving up to 99% removal of suspended solids – 20% more effective than a non-advanced wastewater treatment system. By processing all black and grey water from galleys, sinks, showers, and laundry facilities into high-quality, disinfected effluent without the use of chemicals, Evac MBR simplifies the entire treatment process into one streamlined step, eliminating the need for any further treatment.

Evac MBR is one of the few solutions capable of effectively removing nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater – key contributors to excessive algae growth and oxygen depletion. This unique capability ensures that discharged effluent does not disrupt marine ecosystems, maintaining stable oxygen levels necessary for thriving life below water.

Designed for ease of use, Evac® MBR operates fully automatically, offers extremely low running costs, and minimizes energy consumption, making it not only environmentally responsible but also easy to maintain and control.

one solution. all sizes.

Modular design for scalability and optimal space utilization

Evac MBR redefines space efficiency on board, using 30% less space than traditional wastewater treatment systems while maintaining the same capacity. This innovative design frees up valuable real estate for your core business activities, boosting the vessel’s overall operational efficiency.

Engineered for flexibility and ease, the modular design of Evac MBR adapts swiftly to any class of vessels, from river cruisers to superyachts and high-capacity cruise vessels. Evac MBR is where design meets efficiency.

Watch the demo and see how the magic happens

What makes Evac different?

integrated portfolio

We have by far the largest waste and water management technology portfolio in the industry with 150 patents under our belt.

global operations

We have a presence on every marketable continent, represented in 70 countries, with offices in 14 of them worldwide.

world-class reputation

We work with a prestigious customer base, gaining diverse exposure to various end-markets, which ensures our growth and stability.

innovation and sustainability

Sustainability is how we measure our success, so we innovate with the future in mind to ensure that our customers stay one step ahead.

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Fleet director

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