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Wastewater treatment

Evac MBR

Evac MBR (Membrane BioReactor) is an advanced biological wastewater treatment plant suitable for all vessel types ranging from small yachts to large cruise ships. The MBR plant handles all black (sewage) and grey waters from galleys, sinks, showers, and laundry facilities, generating good quality effluent in one step without the need for further post-treatment steps. The MBR can incorporate an optional additional nutrient removal step. 

  • Wastewater treatment plant for all passenger vessels
  • Treats all wastewater streams to current standards – and beyond
  • The heart of an advanced wastewater process

  • Completely automatic and easy to maintain and control. 
  • High-quality disinfected effluent without the use of chemicals 
  • Extremely low running costs and minimal energy consumption  
  • Completely modular and highly customizable system. 
  • IMO MEPC.227(64) compliant

Max BOD5
(kg ±10%) 
Wet Weight
(kg ±5%)
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 
EVAC MBR 7K 7,5 1600 3900 2281 x 1914 x 2365 
EVAC MBR 15K 15 2100 5700 2322 x 2228 x 2399  
EVAC MBR 22K 22 11 2300 7000 2575 x 2366 x 2399 
EVAC MBR 30K 30 15 3000 9600 2778 x 2595 x 2399 
EVAC MBR 45K 45 23 3400 12000 2995 x 2845 x 2491 
EVAC MBR 70K 70 35 3800 18200 4390 × 2289 × 2200 
EVAC MBR 95K 95 50 6400 24800 5690 x 2469 × 2200 
EVAC MBR 120K 120 60 7400 31300 5890 x 2890 × 2200 
EVAC MBR 145K 145 75 8500 37300 6898 x 2969 × 2200 

Evac MBR larger customized sizes available upon request

The MBR tank contains suspended biomass and membrane filtration modules. The mixed pre-treated wastewater is fed to MBR where the biomass oxidizes the organic matter present in it. Treated water from MBR tank is sucked through permeate pipe to a dedicated tank from which it can be pumped overboard 

Evac MBR is certified according to IMO MARPOL MEPC 227(64) with nutrient removal, thus fulfilling the amendments to Chapter 4.2 of MEPC 227 for passenger ships in restricted areas such as the Baltic Sea. The Evac MBR units also fulfil the requirements of the Rhine River certification, and it is possible to manufacture them according to U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) regulations.  

Video animation of the novel Evac MBR Mid-range features and wastewater treatment process

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