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Cathelco is enhancing its direct support for clients in Norway

At Cathelco, we’re excited to announce an enhanced level of direct, end-to-end service for our customers in Norway. This approach is all about providing you with comprehensive support, ensuring that your needs are met more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Meet Chris McGlade – your dedicated point of contact for biofouling management

Chris McGlade, with a background in service engineering and business development, is leading the charge in our enhanced support for the region. Chris’s expertise spans across various maritime industry segments and vessel types, making him a key player in our mission to deliver tailored biofouling solutions.

“One of the big challenges in the maritime industry is managing multiple contacts and services. I’ve come to learn that a single, knowledgeable point of contact who understands the ins and outs of your operations can streamline decision-making and ensure a cohesive approach to biofouling management.”

Chris McGlade, Business Development Manager, Norway

Our end-to-end support in biofouling management

Our commitment at Cathelco is to a hands-on approach. Chris exemplifies this, focusing on thoroughly understanding and meeting the specific biofouling needs of each vessel type in Norway’s diverse maritime sector. Whether dealing with an OSV, ferry, or passenger vessel, Chris’s expertise ensures the delivery of biofouling solutions tailored to the unique operational profile of each vessel, reflecting the varied requirements of Norway’s maritime landscape.

“Effective biofouling management is crucial for all vessels. It doesn’t stop at operational efficiency; it’s about complying with environmental regulations and ensuring sustainable operations. My focus is to bring immediate benefits, providing direct OEM support that is both efficient and effective, no matter the vessel type.”

Chris McGlade, Business Development Manager, Norway

Customized solutions for all local projects

Whether it’s installing systems on newbuilds or retrofitting fleets, our full range of solutions caters to every need. Our commitment to you includes rapid and efficient support. We understand the importance of timely assistance, which is why we ensure a response within 24 hours of any inquiry.

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For all of your biofouling needs in the region, get in touch with Chris:

Chris McGlade
Business Development Manager, Norway

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