Nothing to waste

Nothing to waste signals our ambition to drive the development of our water and waste technologies to perform at levels where our customers’ environmental impacts can be pushed down to zero. We invite you to join us on the mission to enable a future with no waste!

We at Evac are in a unique position to apply our ingenuity, decades of experience, and technological know-how to make a real difference in the environmental performance of our customers’ businesses. Our ambition is to enable a future with no waste. On both land and sea. This aspiration and ambition is at the core of our renewed strategy – and our renewed brand.

Our brand promise, Nothing to waste, captures our ambition, drive and strategy in three words.  It stands for what we do and how we will do it: By innovating new sustainable solutions to deal with waste and conserve water, and by operating ourselves in a responsible manner. Nothing to waste is a call to action for us and for our customers and partners – and for everyone on this planet.

Evac announces its new strategic mission - A future with no waste

Evac has announced its strategic mission: A future with no waste. The level of ambition is crystallized in the company’s new brand promise, ‘Nothing to waste’.

Driven by the increasing global need for solutions that address critical issues such as dealing with waste and conserving water, the company has set its sights on the future.

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Tapio Kolunsarka, CEO of Evac: New chapter to start

We have decades-long experience in helping our customers minimize their waste and wastewater related environmental impacts. But we have set our sights on the future. Evac’s renewed brand promise, ‘Nothing to waste’, crystallizes our commitment and ambition. The promise is a call to action for us, our partners, and customers to join the journey to make the impossible possible.

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A hallmark example of our approach: Evac HydroTreat

Evac builds on partnerships and will markedly increase its R&D investments to improve the sustainability performance of the company’s existing solutions and explore future opportunities for sustainability innovation. Our ground-braking product novelty, Evac HydroTreat, demonstrates how over 80% decrease in CO2 emissions can be achieved already today.

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We are eliminating waste, conserving water, mitigating emissions, and creating the foundations for our customers’ profitable and sustainable business on land and see.

We invite you to join us on our mission to enable a future with no waste. To get frequent updates on the topic. please subscribe to our newsletter and join the journey with us.