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Vacuum collection

Evac EasyFit

The Evac EasyFit ejector vacuum collection units are designed for smaller vessels and simple systems where they are combined with an existing tank. They use proven, reliable technology and their small footprint and flexible design makes them suitable for a range of different applications and also allows for a choice of holding-tank alternatives.

  • For marine applications
  • Small footprint and flexible design
  • Simple, reliable and robust construction

  • Simple, reliable and robust construction
  • Plug-and-play installation, easy to maintain
  • Available as a component kit for installation in areas with limited space
  • No additional aeration means no hazardous hydrogen sulfide gases or unpleasant odors

  • Vacuum capacity from 2 x 25-75m3/h
  • Discharge capacity 2 x 44m3/h / 15m lift head (capacity / lift head curve available on demand)
  • Nominal power / Pumps 2 x 4,0 – 4,8kW
  • Manifold / piping: AISI 316L
  • Weight: 450-566kg (dry)

The Evac EasyFit can be mounted directly in the ship’s hull tank, or connected to a sewage treatment plant as a combined unit. Powered by the pump, the ejector creates a vacuum in the piping. When the collected waste and air pumped from the tank pass the nozzle at high pressure, it causes a Venturi effect that pulls air and wastewater from the inlet. The aeration effect on the sewage means that there is no need for additional aeration. In turn, this eliminates hazardous hydrogen sulfide gases and unpleasant odors from the aerobic wastewater process.

Evac online vacuum collection units are also extremely low maintenance compared to competing solutions as they have fewer moving parts. Vacuum generation is controlled by a sensor and the control cabinet, and discharge can be manually or automatically controlled.

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Evac Lifecycle Management

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