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Evac Parati vacuum collection unit

Evac Parati vacuum collection unit  is responsible for generating and maintaining a vacuum in the system piping. It  provides vacuum suction for black water, gray water, and condensates. 

  • Available only in Brazil
  • For condensate, grey and black water
  • Reliable and nonstop operation with double collecting tank

  • Competitive price
  • Compact and robust
  • Reliable and nonstop operation with double collecting tank
  • High modularity
  • National Production (all items available on the Brazilian market)

Capacity: Vacuum: 3 or 2×175 m3/h; Tank volume: 2 x 60 gallons (2 x 227 L); Effective tank volume: 2 x 25 gallons (2 x 94.6 L); Gravity discharge: 3 L/s; 2.025 discharges/h

Effluents are temporarily stored in the vacuum collecting tanks and air is removed from the system by the vacuum pumps, creating a negative pressure. Each time interface valves and other vacuum devices operate upstream in the vacuum piping, the pressure rises. Sensors send the information of vacuum demand to the PLC, which in return allows for one or more vacuum pumps to run.

As the effluent is collected, the level within the tank rises until a high level switch is triggered, sending a signal to the PLC to start the discharge process. The discharge is carried out by breaking the vacuum in the tank.

During the discharge cycle, the second tank continues to operate so that the whole system is running continuously.

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