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Vacuum collection

Evac OnlineMax R vacuum system

The Evac OnlineMax R units are ideal for black and gray water collection on board large vessels, making them an excellent option for cruise ships. They are the most powerful and efficient online vacuum units on the market with significant energy saving potential compared to traditional ejector or liquid ring units. 

  • High energy efficiency 
  • High-capacity system with a small footprint
  • Suitable for both new builds and retrofits 

  • High energy efficiency 
  • High-capacity system with a small footprint
  • Quick and flexible installation, suitable for both new builds and retrofits 
  • Simple robust design with high-quality, reliable components 

  •  OnlineMax R 100 
  • OnlineMax R 175 
  • OnlineMax R 240 
  • OnlineMax R 300 
  • Vacuum capacity 100-300m3/h 
  • Discharge capacity 18m3/h with 15m lift head (higher lift heads on demand) 
  • Nominal power: 
  • Vacuum 4,0 – 7,5kW 
  • Discharge 3,0kW 
  • Separator and piping: AISI 316L 
  • Weight: 
  • Dry:470-540kg 

The Evac OnlineMax R is a double-stage vacuum (DSV) system, the air/sewage mixture is divided into separate sewage and air phases. Because each phase is handled by a separate specialized pump rather than by common, non-optimized pumps for both phases, the system is much more efficient. The system doesn’t need any sealing water like liquid ring units and there is no foaming risk as with liquid ring or ejector units. 

In a system with an Evac OnlineMax R vacuum generation is controlled by a vacuum sensor and the PLC. Discharge is controlled automatically by the separator chamber and operates like an online unit with constant discharge. 

Evac people on a service project onboard a vessel

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