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Evac Special vacuum toilets

Evac has a wide range of vacuum toilets for special demands. Our stainless steel options are designed with high durability as required on Navy or other special vessels. They are available also in optional certified shock resistant models. 

We have also created many upgrade solutions which fulfill the function of the old spare parts. Additionally, they include latest technology with low operation cost and high reliability. With upgrade solutions the older system components can be renewed to meet latest customer expectations. We have the InClick, InHush and InFlux upgrade systems as well as many other upgrade solutions, please contact for more information. 

We also have squatting toilets available, both in stainless steel as well as ceramic, mainly for Asian markets 

  • Durable stainless steel construction 
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Available with shock & vibration proof design (MIL-SPEC 901D & Others)

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Available with shock & vibration proof design (MIL-SPEC 901D & Others)

  • Evac 90, 910 and Optima stainless steel toilets 
  • Evac stainless and ceramic squatting toilets 
  • Evac Inclick, InHush, InFlux upgrade systems  
  • Water consumption:~1.2 ± 0.15 l/flush (water pressure: 4 bar, vacuum: -0.4 bar) 
  • Air consumption: 60 ± 10l/flush (normal atmospheric air) 
  • Water pressure: 3….10 bar 
  • Operating vacuum: -0.3…-0.6 bar 
  • Dimensions: Varying (contact for more information) 
  • Weight: Varying (contact for more information) 
  • Sound level: Varying (contact for more information) 

The Evac vacuum toilets are equipped with the proven, fully pneumatic Evac discharge valve and mechanism, with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology. It is also available with optional shock and vibration protection in special Navy models. 

The flush button sends an air pulse to the control mechanism, which connects the vacuum to the water and discharge valves. The water valve opens, letting rinsing water flow into the bowl. After a short delay, the discharge valve opens and the contents of the bowl are discharged into the vacuum sewer. 

The control mechanism closes the discharge valve and, after a short delay, the water valve. The delay ensures a small amount of water is left at the bottom of the bowl. The toilet is then immediately ready for the next flush. 

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Evac Lifecycle Management

For all our systems and solutions, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services throughout the operational life of the delivered solution or equipment.

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