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Vacuum collection

Evac Vacuum collection accessories

Evac has a wide range of accessories available for our vacuum systems, ranging from pushbutton alternatives to different piping solutions. 

  • Ragsnag rings and In-Line catchers to catch foreign objects before they can block the system
  • Autoflush push buttons for increased hygiene
  • Evac NoBack valve can reduce both the capital and lifecycle costs of vacuum piping

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  • Evac alternative pushbuttons 
  • Evac catcher 
  • Evac EasyCut macerator 
  • Evac Ragsnag rings 
  • Evac Noback valve 
  • Evac Non-Return Valves 
  • More information available on request 

Our basic toilet push button is pneumatic but we also offer an autoflush push button with an infrared sensor in the same design. Alternative push buttons are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials according to your specific needs. 

In-Line catchers and macerators are available for piping, to remove foreign objects and/or reduce blocking tendency by macerating the waste before entering the collecting units. 

Ragsnag rings are our most popular accessory, it’s a small stainless steel component that’s added directly behind the toilet which catches foreign objects before they can block the system completely. 

The Evac NoBack valve is an innovation in vacuum sanitary piping. By combining a 45-degree oblique branch with a non-return valve, it improves the reliability of vacuum toilet systems, while minimizing the space requirement. The Evac NoBack valve is easily installed and will reduce both the capital and lifecycle costs of vacuum piping. 

Evac Non-return valves are available with a full range of plastic or stainless steel non-return valves for vacuum system piping. 

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Evac Lifecycle Management

For all our systems and solutions, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services throughout the operational life of the delivered solution or equipment.

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