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Evac Optima® 5 Advanced vacuum toilets

The Evac Optima® 5 is one of the quietest vacuum toilets on the market according to independent research. It uses our proven pneumatic flush mechanism, with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology.

With the Evac Optima® 5 there are no overflows or unflushed toilet bowls caused by a temporary loss of vacuum – the control unit with flushing memory ensures that there is sufficient vacuum for flushing before allowing the flush to be performed. Both the water consumption and flushing time can be adjusted.

The seat can withstand weights of up to 280 kg and is resistant to cigarette burns and scratches. For improved hygiene and upon request, the Evac Optima® 5 is also available with antibacterial seat material to provide extra protection against a wide range of bacteria.

The Evac Optima® 5 vacuum toilet is available in floor and wall-mounted models and in urinal. We also offer special auto-flush and fire-resistant versions.


  • One of the quietest flush operations on the market
  • Hygienic, durable, and compact design
  • Low fresh water consumption (1.2 l/0.4 gal. per flush)
  • Reliable operation with flush memory and vacuum-guard technology
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Evac Optima® 5 urinal

The Evac Optima® 5 urinal is the world’s first and only vacuum urinal. It is compact, using an integrated vacuum mechanism in the bowl rather than a vacuum interface tank. It is available in auto and button-flush versions, as well as a waterless version. The flush in the Evac Optima® 5 vacuum urinal is much more powerful than that of traditional gravity urinals, meaning that all of the water is changed completely, while the waterless version removes urine completely. This means no deodorizer block is needed with either version, as urine traces and odors are eliminated.

The Evac Optima® 5 vacuum urinal is also available with USPH certification. The Evac Optima® 5 urinal consumes only 0.6 l/0.2 gal. per flush.


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