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SolutionsProductsHEM Freshwater treatment skid, Type 8300, 10400
Fresh water generation

HEM Type FWS 8300, FWS 10400

These high-capacity units have all of the same features as the HEM FWS 3300 and FWS 3400 with the addition of a UV sterilizer and/or a silver ion sterilizer mounted within the frame.

  • High-capacity fresh water treatment solution
  • Designed for superyachts
  • UV sterilizer and/or a silver ion sterilizer included

  • Compact, self-contained units that include a number of water treatment processes.
  • 5-micron pre-filtration in stainless steel filter housing containing 7 x 20” filter cartridges.
  • Active charcoal filter with automatic programmable backwash valve.
  • Regular backwashing ensures minimum back pressure and prevent filter media from compacting.
  • Both filters and options are housed in a single stainless steel frame. Pipework in PVC or stainless steel with easy connections.

HEM® FWS 830010 m3/h
HEM® FWS 1040015 m3/h

The FWS 8300 and 10400 combine three treatment processes within one self contained and very compact skid. The first two processes, 5-micron pre-filtration and the active charcoal filter, are the same as those described above.

In addition, there is a silver ions steriliser, type SIS B40. This injects small quantities of silver ions into the freshwater tanks in controlled dosages, directly proportional to the volume of water entering the tanks. A silver level of 0.08 ppm will maintain the water in the tanks fresh and free from contamination.

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