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ICCP for icebrakers
Corrosion protection

Cathelco® ICCP system for Icebreakers

Icebreaking vessels suffer severe coating loss in bow and stern areas due to their method of operation. An impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system is essential to protect exposed areas of the hull against corrosion. 

In these arduous conditions, the correct positioning of anodes and reference electrodes is vitally important. This is where Cathelco has amassed world-leading experience in the design of ICCP systems for numerous vessels operating in the Baltic Sea, Russian Arctic, Canadian Arctic and other polar regions. 

Cathelco ICCP equipment for icebreaking vessels generally consists of anodes and reference electrodes positioned below the ‘ice belt’ on the hull where they are less exposed to the abrasive action of the ice. To reduce the risk of damage and overcome the higher resistivity of Arctic waters, small-sized, multiple anodes and reference electrodes are installed.   

  • ICCP system for Icebreaking vessels
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Prolong hull life and integrity  
  • Reduced hull maintenance  
  • Reduced fuel costs 
  • Greener solution to sacrificial anodes 
  • Self Regulating automatic system with minimal human intervention required 

  • Single zone system available up to 900A  
  • 50V output systems available depending on the area of operation  
  • Recessed mounted anodes and cells to minimize drag 
  • Specialized design ice breaker anode 

To ensure that the vessel’s hull is protected the potential needs to be measured against a known value. Cathelco uses high-purity, high stability Zinc or Silver reference cells mounted through the structure to measure the potential difference between the reference electrode and the structure. These reference electrodes are electrically isolated from the hull and constantly feed the hull potential back to the control panel. 

The control panel is a variable source of DC power that constantly monitors the hull potential via the reference electrode and automatically adjusts the output current to the anodes to ensure the hull remains cathodic. Due to the highly resistive waters, icebreaking vessels operating in Cathelco use 50V output control panels in order to generate the required current output required to protect the hull against corrosion. 

Recessed mounted anodes are used to conduct the DC protective current using the latest technology in ICCP anode coatings. Ice breaker anodes are specially strengthened anodes that have a plate thickness considerably greater than conventional anodes and specialised fixings to ensure installation integrity.  

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