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Corrosion protection

Cathelco® ICCP Overview

Cathelco hull corrosion protection systems based on impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) technology reduce maintenance costs by preventing corrosion on ship hulls and offshore structures. We offer world-leading ICCP technology in combination with a broad understanding of various corrosion problems and the most effective ways to solve them. 

Although modern hull coatings provide some protection against corrosion, they are not a complete solution. For this reason, most operators choose to protect their vessels with a purpose-designed impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system. 

Using an arrangement of hull-mounted anodes and reference cells connected to one or more control panels, the system produces a more powerful external current to suppress the natural electro-chemical activity on the wet surface of the hull. This eliminates the formation of aggressive corrosion cells on the plate surfaces, avoiding problems that can exist where dissimilar metals are either combined through welding or brought into proximity by other components such as propellers. 

  • World-leading ICCP technology
  • Eliminates the formation of aggressive corrosion cells
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Prolong hull life and integrity  
  • Reduced hull maintenance  
  • Reduced fuel costs 
  • Greener solution to sacrificial anodes 
  • Self Regulating automatic system with minimal human intervention required 

  • Single zone system available up to 1600A 
  • 24V & 50V output systems available depending on the area of operation with specialist ice breaker system 
  • Recessed and surface-mounted options are available 
  • Master and slave options with RS485 communication and data logging 

Cathelco corrosion protection systems are designed to automate the current output while the voltage output is varied. This allows protection levels to be maintained as seawater resistivity alters. In a sacrificial anode system, increases in seawater resistivity can cause a decrease in the anode output, and in turn in the level of protection offered. With an ICCP system, protection does not decrease across the standard range of seawater encountered. 

An essential feature of our Cathelco ICCP systems is that they constantly monitor the electrical potential at the interface between the seawater and the hull, carefully adjusting the output to the anodes in response. Therefore, the system is much more effective and reliable than a sacrificial anode system, where the level of protection is unknown and impossible to control. 

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