Evac Complete Cleantech Solution

Our waste, wastewater and water management system offering is the most comprehensive available on the market. Choosing Evac as your single system provider brings a wide range of benefits.


Evac Complete Cleantech Solution

The Evac Complete Cleantech Solution covers all your cleantech solution needs. This comprehensive one-stop-shop offering is what sets us apart from the competition and brings many benefits to our customers.

*Dry and wet waste treatment systems for building industry customers are sold by Bvac

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Vacuum collection systems

Vacuum collection units collect sewage, condensation, and food waste by vacuum pumping it into a sewage treatment plant or collection tank.

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Wastewater treatment systems

Wastewater treatment systems separate and neutralize organic contaminants in wastewater to comply with national and international legislation. Our offering includes biological and electrolytic wastewater treatment plants that refine black and gray water, as well as grease separators to separate grease from kitchen and galley wastewater.

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Evac_System-dry-and-wet-wasteDry and wet waste systems

Evac’s dry and wet waste systems manage mixed or recyclable waste in a way that is safe, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient, reducing the volume through compaction, shredding, and burning.

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Evac_System-freshwaterFresh water generation

Water treatment units turn seawater into technical and potable water. The equipment also filters and disinfects the water, adjusts its hardness, and mineralizes fresh water that has been created or stored.

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Systems automation

Our integrated vacuum collection, wastewater treatment, dry and wet waste treatment, and fresh water generation systems have touchscreen panels for easy control. All integrated Evac systems have a similar user interface – making operation, supervision, and maintenance easy and quick to learn.

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