Evac Company Policies

At Evac, we are committed to develop the quality and environmental responsibility of our operations. We are also committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners.


The design and application of ‘complete cleantech solutions’ is at the heart of our business and is reflected in every aspect of our operations.

Our products help customers to achieve their environmental targets through greater sustainability, higher energy efficiency and the ability to handle and process materials for recycling. On land and at sea, we continuously work with our customers to find better ways of reducing the impact on the environment.

By offering our customers life-time support, we ensure that products perform efficiently over the long term, avoiding the need for premature renewal and thereby preserving scarce resources.

In all areas of our operations we respect the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and follow the principles of the ISO14001 standard. We also request our suppliers and partners to respect environmental values.

As the founding principle of our business, everyone at every level is committed to these values and policies, as we strive towards a more sustainable future. 


Our reputation depends on the quality of our products, solutions and services. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing standards to meet world-class standards.

Quality considerations are fundamental to product design, manufacturing and installation with rigorous monitoring at every stage with the aim of achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Similarly, we are dedicated to maintaining the quality of our services throughout the life cycle of the equipment, even after the warranty period, through the provision of spare parts and maintenance.

This runs in parallel with our aims of greater sustainability since well maintained, energy-efficient systems of high quality make fewer demands on materials and resources.

In most locations we conform to ISO 9001 standards or regional equivalents ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to ensure conformity to specifications.

These values are shared by our employees at every level and applied throughout our global operations.

Health & Safety

As a company whose employees work in many different environments including offices, factories, shipyards and building sites, health and safety takes on particular importance.

At our manufacturing and distribution centers, employees receive specific training and equipment to enable them to perform their jobs safely without endangering themselves or others. They are also actively involved in departmental meetings to strengthen and extend health and safety measures wherever necessary.

Those who work in shipyards and building sites have a duty to follow customers’ safety regulations as well as local laws and regulations. This is in addition to strictly observing Evac’s global policies.

The evaluation of risks in ever changing circumstances is central to our health and safety policy. This involves regular assessments and systematic reporting methods to identify areas where action needs to be taken. We request our employees to also report safety observations and near miss situations on a low threshold. In this way, health and safety policies are under continuous review in an on-going dialogue between employees and management.

This is underscored by internationally recognised standards such as ISO45001 together with local standards where applicable.