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Sustainable solutions

Advancing the circular economy and safeguarding life below water are not only key sustainability issues in the maritime industry but also crucial motivators for Evac’s business. They are defining factors when we innovate new solutions or develop existing ones, with the goal of enabling a future with no waste, on both land and sea.

Advancing the
circular economy

Circularity is a core element of Evac’s business model. Our products stay in use for decades, they significantly reduce waste and improve the recycling of materials when installed, they are repaired regularly, and they are mainly recyclable when removed from use.

Safeguarding life
below water

Protecting marine life is a crucial motivator for our business and product development. Our wastewater systems minimize cruise passengers’ dry and organic waste and nutrient loads to the marine environment. They also ensure that untreated waste is not dumped at sea.

Sustainability benefits of our solutions


Fresh water generation

Turns seawater into drinking water with low energy consumption and a small CO2 footprint.


Vacuum systems

Collects waste in a future-proof way with minimal energy and water consumption.


Wastewater treatment

Treated wastewater produces no waste. Close to zero impact in aquatic ecosystems or ground when discharged.


Wet waste treatment

Treatment of organic waste produces no waste or even turns the waste into valuable material


Dry waste treatment

Enables efficient material processing, recovery and recycling onboard

Corrosion protection

Lengthens the lifecycle of vessels by preventing corrosion of the hull and propulsion system

Evac_Marine growth prevention_icon_

Marine growth prevention

Eliminates the settlement of macro biofouling organisms on the ship’s interior piping systems.

KPIs to measure our progress

ThemeKPITargetOur progress in 2023
Advancing the circular economyIncreased share of advanced wastewater treatment plants100% by 203075 % (47% in 2020-2022)
Safeguarding life below waterIncreased share of recycling equipment in Evac sales95% by 2030+/- 0 % (88 % in 2020-2022)
Minimizing the carbon footprintThe carbon footprint of all Evac Total Concepts-30 % by 2030Cruise concept -77%

Evac Sustainability Index

To better support our customers, we implemented a novel tool, Evac Sustainability Index in 2022. The tool helps our customers select the best products that advance their operations and reduce their environmental footprint the most. At Evac, we call these products our Sustainability Spearhead Products.

Below water

The index is measured based on four criteria

The Sustainability Index of all our main products is measured based on carefully selected criteria with different weights for the overall score. The criteria cover:

  1. Environmental impact and circular economy
  2. Onboard health and safety impact
  3. Operational energy consumption
  4. Production and end of life

Spearhead Products

At Evac, we aim to provide customers with solutions that help them reduce their environmental impacts – one day down to zero. 

But which products are considered more sustainable than others? And how do we define that? To answer the questions we created Evac Sustainability Index that help our customers select the most sustainable products and solutions for their needs. Evac Sustainability Spearhead Products are marked with a special symbol in our Product Catalogue.

Evac’s sustainability approach

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