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Striving for a future with no waste

Sustainability is the cornerstone of all our activities and the motivator for our nature-positive business. Together with our customers and partners, we strive for a future with no waste.

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Read more about our work and progress on Evac Sustainability Report:

Sustainability at Evac

Waste, pollution, and climate change pose an unprecedented trial for our oceans, and the planet is facing increasingly scarce freshwater resources. To combat these challenges, our society needs innovations and new technologies. Evac’s solutions help its customers to become more sustainable by eliminating waste, conserving water, and mitigating emissions.

Sustainability is at the core of our research and product development. In our sustainability work, we are strongly driven by our brand promise of ‘nothing to waste’ and our purpose to unleash the potential of Evac ingenuity to enable a future with no waste. Our vision is to become the beacon of sustainability within our industry. These ambitions guide our everyday efforts to provide sustainable solutions for our customers and improve our own operations.

Our sustainability program

Evac’s Sustainability program was established in 2021 based on the identified material topics. Our program aims to contribute to a future with no waste by offering sustainable solutions that advance the circular economy and safeguard life below water. End of 2022, the program was complemented with the third theme that focuses on Evac’s impact in minimizing its customers’ carbon footprint.

Our operations are founded on responsible business practices. We must ensure that we care for people and their safety, contribute to climate action, operate ethically, and manage our supply chain responsibly. We strive to ensure that Evac’s positive impacts on people, the environment, and the economy are maximized while negative ones are minimized. We work towards this goal in our own operations and throughout our value chain. Each theme of Evac’s sustainability program is measured using key performance indicators (KPI), which were defined in 2021-2022.

Evac’s sustainability program

Nothing to waste

The key lever in enabling a future with no waste is to continuously improve the environmental performance of our solutions through product and service innovation. At the same time, we will minimize waste in our own operations.

Read more about our sustainability approach on the sections about Sustainable solutions and Responsible business practices and about our governance model on Sustainability governance and stakeholder engagement.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Evac entirely agrees with the ambition of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have identified five SDGs most relevant to our business and where Evac can have the most significant impact. At the same time, they contribute to a more sustainable maritime industry.

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