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Cathelco anodes for ICCP solutions

High performance anodes designed for easy installation

We offer a comprehensive range of surface mounted and recessed ICCP anodes for ships of every size. Lightweight, yet rugged designed, they provide a number of advanced features for easy installation.

  • Linear and disc anodes to suit all hull configurations.
  • Diver changeable for easy installation in dry dock or sea.
  • Teams of fully qualified engineers at locations worldwide to undertake pre-dock/dry-dock inspections and final commissioning.
  • Detailed log sheet analysis and remedial recommendations.
  • Service packages for fleets and individual vessels.

Procorr linear and disc anodes

A range of anodes which can be used as direct replacements for those produced by other major manufacturers. The linear anodes are made from marine grade polyurethane resin incorporating titanium elements with a mixed metal oxide (MMO) coating. Their robust and durable design makes them ideal for surface mounting with no need to change existing steelwork when used as replacements. Reference electrodes with zinc elements are supplied.

Procorr linear anodes are available up to 300A.

Disc anodes are supplied up to 175A.

CP-MAX surface mounted anodes

Reflecting our commitment to continuous product improvement these anodes supersede the C-MAX/K-MAX ranges. Robustly designed, they create a high output from a relatively small surface area. Made from marine grade polyurethane resin, they have titanium elements with a mixed metal oxide (MMO) coating. Reference electrodes with zinc or silver/silver chloride elements are available.

CP-MAX linear anodes are available up to 350A.

Surface & recess mounted anodes

The high performance and durability of these anodes have been proved over a period of more than 25 years on ships operating around the world. The disc anodes which can be fitted ‘forward’ or ‘aft’ have a low profile to avoid damage and maintain flow dynamics over the hull. Systems can be supplied with either zinc or silver/silver chloride reference electrodes.

Linear loop anodes are available up to 300A.

Disc anodes are supplied up to 200A.

Elliptical and circular anodes are also available.