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Dry waste treatment

Evac DGC40 glass crusher

DGC40 is a glass crusher for all kinds of glass bottles. By crushing the bottles the empty space is removed and thus the storage density of the waste glass is significantly increased and storage volume degreased, 

  • Easy to install and maintain, safe to use 
  • Capacity 2000 bottles / hour 
  • Volume reduction is approximately 80% 

  • More efficient logistics due to reduced volume 
  • Improves the safety of the working area  

  • Totally dust free 
  • Crusher head in HARDOX steel 
  • Easy to install and maintain, safe to use 
  • Volume reduction is approximately 80% 
  • Crushing to the special container or to a big bag 
  • Capacity 2000 bottles / hour 

The glass crusher is manually operated. The user will feed the bottles into machine’s through. The unit has a rotating rotor with hardened blades which crushes the bottle when hitting to that. The crushed glass will immediately fall into a collection bin under neath the rotor. 

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