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Evac food waste management system Food waste collection and treatment

Evac’s vacuum food waste collection system conveys food waste reliably, even when it contains large amounts of bulky or starchy substances such as pasta, rice, bread, or potatoes.

The system is fully automatic and can be controlled from the engine control room. A single feeding station can process 700 kg of food waste an hour, which means the system can easily handle all the wet biowaste produced in the galley of a small or mid-sized vessel. Because the system is based on vacuum technology, it is possible to use piping with a small diameter (typically 50 or 60.3 mm).

Evac can also provide custom food waste collection and treatment systems for larger vessels such as cruise ships. The system is vacuum operated and consists of three main units: macerator or shredder macerator feeding stations, a vacuum unit, and a food waste tank. Food waste is macerated in the galley area. A small amount of water is added to create slurry, which is then collected in the food waste tank. The slurry is mixed using a discharge or recycling pump, and then pumped overboard or to a collecting facility on shore, or further treated in a dewatering process.


  • More cost efficient, with low water consumption compared to traditional disposal systems
  • No risk of pipe leakage
  • Flexible piping layout options thanks to smaller diameter piping
  • Pressure control quickly reveals piping leakages or blockages

  • Compact, skid-mounted system
  • Automatic operation controlled via engine-room interface; can also be controlled from main automation system
  • Continuous real-time information on holding tank level
  • Safe to operate
  • Complete food waste management system from one supplier

Evac feeding stations

Evac infeed stations for food waste are manufactured from durable stainless steel and delivered complete with all necessary fittings. The hopper is connected to the vacuum collecting system and welded to the tabletop, which is equipped with a drain sieve and overflow to limit the amount of free-flowing water in the collection system.

The hopper has a volume of approximately 30 l/7.9 gal and an upper diameter of 500 mm, and it is fitted with cleaning nozzles. The piping for collecting the food waste from the feeding stations is DN 150. The infeed station unit is connected to the vacuum pipeline using a DN 125 quick-clamp connection and can be isolated for maintenance.

We offer fully automated macerator feeding stations ( Evac MFS) and shredder macerator feeding stations (Evac SMFS). The Evac SMFS is almost identical to Evac MFS, but with an extra-coarse grinder installed on top of the unit for chopping food waste into small fragments that can be fed into the macerator.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Low water consumption
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Data bus communication between units minimizes the need for cabling
  • SMFS are suitable for all biowaste, including large bones

Evac vacuum creation unit

Vacuum is normally generated by a vacuum pump unit, measured by a sensor transmitter in the cyclone, and controlled by an automation logic system. Vacuum is created in the pipeline prior to the vacuum conveying, when a discharge is requested at a feeding station. When a vacuum of 250 mbars is reached, the feeding station opens a gate valve and the food waste is conveyed to the vacuum cyclone.  The food waste remains in the cyclone while the air is ejected out the top.

Systems are installed as two line systems, each featuring a vacuum station including a cyclone and vacuum pump units. The two vacuum stations are cross-connected.

Evac food waste tank

Our compact, skid-mounted food waste tanks are made from corrosion-resistant material and are available in four sizes. The tanks are fitted with a mixer to prevent sedimentation and a level-sensor system to prevent slurry overflow. Discharge is remote controlled via the main automation system.

ModelHolding capacity (m³)Max. number of feeding stationsWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
Evac FWC 0.6 + VU300.63185011501900550
Evac FWC 1 + VU175163300125023501000
Evac FWC 2 + VU175263650145023501100
Evac FWC 1 + VU3023185011502400600
Evac FWC 2 + VU3023220015002400700
Evac FWC 3.5 + VU303.532650195025001000
Evac FWC 3.5 + Vu1753.564100190024501400
Evac FWC 5 + VU175564550235024501600

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