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HEM Pure RO 30/60 Water demineraliser, up to 1.5m³/hr

The unit produces up to 1.5m³/hr (32 ltr/min) at a maximum salinity of 25 ppm TDS.

These units are specially designed to produce demineralised water which can be used as technical water, most frequently for washing down the hulls of yachts, especially if they are of a dark colour.

This saves a lot of manpower and time when it comes to the hull washdown, since the demineralised water leaves no streaks or traces.

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HEM Pure R.O.Softened shore water as feedRO water as feed
Feedwater from ship's tank40 LPM40 LPM
Permeate flow 25 LPM32 LPM
Operating range5-35 deg C
Feedwater pressure0.5 - 4 bar
System operating
10-16 bar
Max operating pressure 18 bar
Permeate nominal quality 5 ppm TDS
Permeate max TDS25 ppm TDS
Main motor driveShaft power: 2.2Kw 400V 50 Hz 3 phase
FeedwaterSupplied by ship's hydrophore system
Recovery Rate65%80%