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HEM Series 38 Duplex Reverse osmosis desalinator, 2 x 21,000 litres/day

The HEM series 38 Duplex desalination system is designed to be compact and provide good accessibility for all components. This is combined with excellent reliability and a degree of redundancy within the system as a safety measure.

The Duplex unit consists of two identical and independant R.O. units mounted on a common frame. All the necessary prefiltration and post-treatment equipment is incorporated on the same frame.

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  • Epoxy coated stainless steel frames, mounted on stainless steel ‘silent’ blocks.
  • Rotary high pressure pumps made from stainless steel and water lubricated.  Low maintenance – only need to be serviced after 8,000 hours.
  • Automatic pressure build-up and slow pressure drop during the start and stop sequences, enables the desalinator to be controlled remotely.
  • The product water output can be automatically controlled according to the salinity of the feedwater to avoid damaging the membranes, for example, when navigating past a river mouth.
  • All of the main control components including LP & HP switches, 3 way product diverter valves, salinity sensors and flow sensors are easily accessible from the front of the unit for easy maintenance and repair purposes.
  • Only two 8 inch membranes are used per machine, giving a total output of 2 x 21,000 litres/day. This simplifies changing membranes since there are only half the number of pressure vessels in comparison with systems using 4 inch vessels.
  • The complete front panel can flip forward on two support brackets giving easy access to the membranes, if access from the sides is a problem.