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Fresh water generation

Evac U.V. sterilizer

The key feature of our system is that all the parameters are carefully monitored to ensure that the correct U.V dose is being transmitted to the feed water using an in-built optional sensor. We offer modular or skid mounted U.V solutions according to your requirements.

  • Effective disinfection method
  • Does not affect taste or smell of water or leave harmful residues or by-products
  • No chemicals involved

  • UV light disinfects water and kills micro-organisms within seconds.
  • Does not affect taste or smell of water or leave harmful residues or by-products.
  • No chemicals involved, therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Economical and easy to install.
  • Available in skid mounted or modular form.

Using short-wavelength ultraviolet light, our U.V. range is an effective disinfection method in comparison with other disinfection options. The U.V. transmittance process does not leave any residues or harmful by-products.

Most importantly it does not affect the taste or smell of the water, unlike other processes which add disinfecting substances.

U.V. is categorized into several wavelength ranges. Our systems use short-wavelength U.V. often referred to as ‘germicidal U.V. which is typically between 200nm-300nm. Using U.V.C radiation at 254nm within just a few seconds micro-organisms are either killed or their ability to multiply is destroyed.

The rate at which micro-organisms are killed is dependent upon the minimum dose (amount of time the micro-organism is exposed to a certain intensity of U.V. radiation W/m2). At a dose of 400J/m2, bacteria and viruses are reduced by 4 logs, which complies with international requirements and ensures safe disinfection.

Evac sterilizers have many optional extras:

  • U.V. Sensor
  • Control Panel with remote start/stop
  • By-pass and operational pipework
  • Skid mounted combined system
Evac people on a service project onboard a vessel

Evac Lifecycle Management

For all our systems and solutions, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services throughout the operational life of the delivered solution or equipment.

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