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Fresh water generation

HEM® Water softeners K20, K50 & K60

The main benefit of installing a water softener on a yacht is to reduce the risk of calcium build-up in water heaters, heat exchangers, piping and hydrophore tanks.

The removal of hardness caused by calcium and magnesium is achieved through the exchange of sodium ions. This prevents the production of mineral-hungry water which can be detrimental to health and equipment.

  • Reduces the risk of calcium build-up in water
  • Designed for superyachts
  • Twin tank design for continuous 24-hour supply

  • Ion exchange prevents the production of corrosive, mineral-hungry soft water.
  • On demand operation – automatically adjusts to actual water usage.
  • Continuous supply – twin bottle design enables water to be supplied, even during regeneration.
  • Counter current regeneration reduces salt and water usage.
  • Hydraulically powered – does not require electrical connections.

The HEM K50 and K60 have in-built water meters which enable them to operate ‘on demand’ based on actual water usage. Therefore, the regeneration cycle takes place automatically, as and when required, without interruption or inconvenience.

The twin tank design of the water softeners means that when one tank needs to regenerate, service automatically switches to the other tank, ensuring a continuous 24 hour supply. The water softeners are hydraulically powered, not electrically. Consequently, there is no wiring to connect, buttons to push or timers to set – it runs itself.

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