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Dry waste treatment

Waste Chute System

The Evac chute system is designed to make the waste handling easier by shortening the transportation routes of the waste. The vertical chutes are leading the waste streams directly to lower deck where the treatment or offloading the garbage takes place. Arrangements are customized based on the need of in feed doors and floors. The chute can be equipped for example with a glass crushing unit to make the operation more streamlined. 

  • Makes the waste handling easier by shortening the transportation routes of the waste
  • Equipped with fire fighting system and washing device 
  • Automatically closing doors 

  • Hygienic, avoids cross contamination
  • Flexible design
  • Control system for easy and safe operation
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Fire activated guillotine damper
  • Suitable for integration with the ship’s fire alarm system
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Designed in accordance with IMO SOLAS
  •  Fire alarm signal input
  • More efficient logistics due to gravity feeding in vertical garbage transportation 

  • Chute diameter 600mm 
  • Automatically closing doors 
  • Equipped with washing device 
  • Each door has information display 

The chute system includes the actual chute elements – with fire classified insulation if requested and the door elements for the feeding the chutes. The doors are equipped with interlock meaning that only one door can be used at the time to avoid any blockages or hazards in the lower decks due to falling material. 

The system is equipped with fire fighting system and washing device. 

Evac people on a service project onboard a vessel

Evac Lifecycle Management

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