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ReferencesSão Paulo University – Reference case
Sao Paulo University, credit Felipe Seriacopi/USP Imagens

São Paulo University in Brazil

Since 2014, Evac vacuum collection systems have been installed in 4 out of 5 modern campuses of the same University Group to save significant amount of water. This has enabled a short payback time with return on investment being less than 3 years.


Water shortage has been a serious issue at the campuses of São Paulo university in Brazil. It creates challenges in the public restrooms in the area and effects day to day life of the students and staff. Lack of water also increases the hygiene risks.


 In total, more than 1,700 Evac toilets have been installed in the 450,000 m² / 540,000 yd² construction area in São Paulo. Evac is also working on new universities as well as retrofits and extensions accompanying the rapid expansion of the University Group.


Evac´s vacuum toilet offers up to 90% saving on flushing water compared to a standard toilet, by using only 1.2 liters and our vacuum urinals only 0.6 liters per flush. The Evac toilet system minimizes the impact of water shortage on campus life.

Hygiene and comfort in restrooms are improved with vacuum toilets that effectively flush out odors and mists and minimize the risk of pipe leakage and contamination. Dedicated and confined wastewater transport also reduces the risk of emanations due to gas and leakage.

When designing, constructing, and modernizing university buildings, Evac vacuum drainage gives the flexibility needed for cost-effective building work. There is no need for a continuous slope – effluent can be transported around obstacles and routed through the ceiling – reducing floor, slab, and wall penetration. Vacuum drainage systems also have a smaller pipe diameter than traditional systems, reducing construction times and costs significantly.

Key facts

São Paulo University

2014 onwards



Evac Solutions
Vacuum collection
Vacuum toilets


ROI less than

3 years

Toilets installed


Water savings up to

90 %

People in the office

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