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ReferencesA green building saves water: Cicignon Park selected Evac’s vacuum technology

A green building saves water: Cicignon Park selected Evac’s vacuum technology

Nordic Group Holding has renewed an existing building consisting of about 4 500 m2 and nine floors in the old Østfold Hospital in downtown Fredrikstad into a residential building with 62 apartments. A high focus has been on sustainable solutions and architecture, aiming for a green building.

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Evac has delivered 68 Evac Optima® 5S vacuum toilets and an Evac N°10 HQE vacuum collection unit to the new apartments for significant water savings and improved user comfort and hygiene. This is the largest pioneering project with vacuum toilets in residential buildings in Norway.

The former hospital building is part of a larger area called Cicignon Park, a unique project which creates a new blue-green district in Fredrikstad, Norway. Cicignon Park is part of SiEUGreen, the EU research project on sustainability, urban agriculture and smart cities. This new district will consist of beautifully designed buildings supporting considered planting for urban agriculture, in an area of ​​approximately 80,000 m2, with a total built-up area of approx. 1.000 apartments. The new city district will have its own circular economy with greenhouses, renewable energy and heating.

Cicignon Park will set a new standard for future blue-green development following the UN’s sustainability goals. Nordic Group Holding AS has chosen to develop according to these goals, as we believe it is our social responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of smart housing. Selecting Evac’s vacuum technology as the drainage solution is fully aligned with our sustainable development plans.

Mr. Kan Cao, the chairman of the board for Nordic Group Holding AS

Evac’s vacuum toilets delivered in Cicignon Park offer up to 90% saving on flushing water compared to a standard toilet, as they are designed to use only 1.2 litres of water per flush. In comparison, a conventional dual-flush toilet uses 4–9 litres per flush. The next-generation Evac Optima® 5S toilet model has up to two times lower noise level compared to other solutions on the market, improving the user experience in the facilities. All toilets are also equipped with a soft close lid, adding extra comfort in the bathroom.

In addition to water saving, vacuum technology improves hygiene in sanitation facilities. While gravity systems can lead to an overspray of up to 80,000 polluted droplets that could stay suspended one meter in the air for hours, vacuum toilets allow suction of 60 litres of air during a flush, suppressing the risk of contaminated mist, odours, and bacteria. With the Evac N°10 HQE vacuum collection unit, sewage is intercepted by the vacuum tank and does not pass through the vacuum pumps. This protects the pumps from clogging, extending their lifecycle. Evac N°10 HQE vacuum unit fully complies with the European standard EN 12109.

Aiming for a green building and water savings? For further information, please contact:
Alexandre Matikainen, Area Sales Manager, Evac Group,, +358 40 834 4920

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