We provide:

  • engineering and technical supervision
  • support for compliance with local regulations and green-building certification requirements
  • installation and start-up support
  • service and repair, and service contracts
  • refurbishment and retrofits
  • spare parts
  • training
  • onboard system and spares analysis.

Spare parts

Evac has more than 35 years of experience in developing parts and materials, and a reputation for standing behind our solutions. Genuine Evac spares are continuously quality checked to ensure they are of the very highest standard, and our research and development group are constantly improving replacement parts as well as developing upgraded products and technologies. Through these continuous improvement initiatives we strive to lower your maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction.

We recommend you always choose genuine Evac spare parts to ensure your system continues to operate at its very best. If third-party parts have been used in the past and your system isn’t working as it should, or if it no longer meets construction industry standards, we can remove, replace, and repair where necessary to ensure full functionality is restored.

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