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Evac HydroTreat

From food waste and biosludge into carbon capture and storage

A safer, more sustainable way to deal with organic waste streams

Evac HydroTreat® is an innovation that revolutionizes handling of organic wet waste onboard vessels. The novel innovation decreases remarkably the vessel’s environmental footprint, it provides a safer, more sustainable way to deal with organic waste streams, such as food waste and bio sludge, without emissions or plastic waste to the sea or gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) process for wet organic waste handling transforms food waste and biosludge into harmless hydrochar, more commonly known as biochar.

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Organic waste to valuable material

Wet waste consists of food waste from restaurants, crew galleys, and bio-sludge from wastewater treatment. Troublesome storing and landing a massive amount of waste makes onboard treatment an attractive option. By using Evac HydroTreat® the volume of wet organic waste can be decreased up to 90%.

In the Evac’s HTC process, organic material with high water content is exposed to increased temperature. The heat launches a chemical process, where the feeding material breaks down into carbon molecules. The resulting carbon and water mixture can be easily dried, leaving solid material called biochar. With a high carbon content, biochar acts as a carbon capture and storage. The stream of reject water is treatable in a wastewater treatment system.

Evac HydroTreat waste management process

Over 80 % decrease in CO2 emissions

The energy consumption of Evac HydroTreat is just a fraction of a conventional waste handling process with thermal dryers. Adding to that the fact that the process does not involve any incineration, means that HydroTreat produces only a small portion of CO2 emissions.

Protecting life below water

When using HydroTreat, ships no longer need to release the waste into the sea, incinerate it or pay high fees for landing it at the port. Additionally, there are no limitations on when and where the process can be operated. Biochar can be treated as regular waste when landing.

Sustainable waste management for passenger vessels

Evac HydroTreat® is available for most passenger vessels, from small expedition vessels all the way to the largest cruise ships. The solution helps to reduce the fleet´s environmental footprint and meet the MARPOL Annex IV and V regulations.

Evac HydroTreat® process is also suitable for land-based solutions, where organic side streams are generated.

Evac HydroTreat technology animation

Introducing the new Evac HydroTreat process